Q: How do I pay the $200 Security Bond?

A: We accept, bank transfer & debit/credit cards – No cash accepted. Only after transfer of the bond you can pick up the bike.

Q: When do I get my bond back?

A: For our casual lease option the minimum rent period is 4 weeks. If you want to return the bike you will need to give us 2 weeks’ notice.

Q: Do I need to pay for the rental amount or any other costs up front?

A: No, you will only pay the rent amount after you have worked the week. For example if you pick up the scooter on Wednesday then your first rental instalment will be due the following Tuesday evening.

Q: How can I pay my weekly rental?

There will be a late payment fee of up to $25 dollars per day applicable.

Q: What kinds of scooters are available at skootify?

A: At skootify Australia quality is our main focus. We provide brand new or a year old bikes.

Q: What accessories do you provide at skootify?

A: At skootify Australia we believe in a convenient ride. We provide you all the necessary accessories to help you focus on earning money. We provide your custom sized Helmets, Phone holders, Phone chargers, Water bottles etc.

Q: What are the terms and conditions for Skootify ?

oWant to become part of the Skootify family. Call us 1300 451 485