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Our Vision

To be a household name in the automotive rental industry by creating opportunities, delivering convenience and building a community that fosters support and sustainability.

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Values that guides us

Genuinely Supportive

Inherently Fair

Friendly Approach

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Our Journey

In December 2018 we got together to start not just another scooter rental company but an institution of support, opportunities & quality service called Skootify. 

On the foundation of our vision, we began our journey in bringing two-wheeled convenience to the roads of Melbourne and its residents. 

For over two years, we’ve been helping hundreds of riders to get fair, affordable, and quality scooters to ride for UberEats, Menulog and other delievery platforms. We have helped them to focus on their earnings and enjoy their jobs while we took care of their vehicle needs. How did we do that? By offering ultimate convenience, all-round rental service and an exceptional level of support for our riders.

We’ve helped students, businesses, backpackers, refugees, indigenous Australians to earn money through deliveries and work in their own terms with full independence. We have provided the scooters to many international students to give them a safe, economical and convenient mode of commuting. We take pride in everything we do to our community of riders, and we go above and beyond to ensure a supreme customer experience.

To put it in simple words, we are not about scooters; we are about people.

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