Rent to Own

Own a Brand New Scooter. Your Weekly Rental could go towards owning the scooter from only $19 per day*

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Brand New Scooter

Enjoy riding a brand new Japanese scooter, Suzuki UK Address 110cc. Invest in your future. It will be your own asset in only 18 months. 

We offer total and all-round support to help you during rent to own period. We take care of the admin and paperworks while you can concentrate on enjoying your ride. We go above and beyond in helping our customers. 

Ongoing All-round Support

Take the advantage of easy parking rules in Melbourne for scooters and you can use the scooters for your everyday tasks. Go to a friend’s house, university, earn money while riding or just hang around the city using our scooters. 

Full Peace of Mind 

Rent to Own plan is a flexible contract. When you finance a vehicle you are often locked in for the whole period and you have to pay compound interest. With RTO you pay for our service for the period and if you change your mind you can cancel the contract anytime. 

No Lock-in contracts
Earning Maximization Tips

Our dedicated and experience team will help you throughout your journey to maximize your earnings by introducing you to new delivery platforms, assist you in their paperwork and provide you insight and tips from the industry to help you earn more. 

Maintenance Covered

Owning a scooter is easy but maintaining the scooter is always tricky. We have the experience and the ability to ensure your scooter is maintained and roadworthy at all times. This includes minor & major services, tyre replacements, battery replacements, roadside assistance etc for the whole 18 months*.


Here is what Rohit has to say about Rent to Own plan after completing his rent to own time of 18 months...

"Skootify helped in managing my expenses and I could focus on my studies, they took care of my scooter's maintenance, insurance, rego and repairs for this whole time. I earned money using the scooter and now I own a scooter"