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  • How is skootify different from other rental companies?
    At skootify we adhere to our values of being geniunely supportive of our customers, we go above and beyond to provide a customised rental plan to individual that would suit their needs. We offer fair deals and approach our clients in a friendly manner. We offer a 24/7 phone emergency support service. We have dedicated staff assigned to provide support to our customers helping them with their delievery accounts, giving them tips to earn more, offering them discounts and perks.
  • Can I rent a scooter with my international license?
    Yes you can. You need a valid international license for two wheelers/ motorbikes or scooters. If you wish to covert or apply for victorian motorbike license, you can get guidance from our expert rider representives.
  • What documents do i need to bring to rent the scooter?
    You need to bring a 100 points identification which could be: - Two photo IDs (Passport and Driving License) - Proof of Address (Electricy bill, phone bill or a bank statement with your name and address on it.
  • Do I need to give any security bonds?
    Yes. In order to rent a scooter you need to give a refundable security bond of $300 at the time of picking up the scooter.
  • When will I get my bond refunded?
    Your security bond will be refunded within 7 to 14 business days upon returning the scooter and clearing all the rental/ repair dues, fines if any.
  • What are the terms and conditions?
    Please click below for the detailed terms and conditions.
  • What type of scooters does skootify provide?
    Skootify offers great quality of scooters. We only offer either brand new or near new condition scooters that are well maintained. Some of the main brands of scooters we provide are Suzuki, Honda Dio and Piaggio.
  • How can I pay my weekly rentals?
    Skootify offers multiple payment options in order to make it convenient for you. Most of our customers choose to pay the weekly rentals through direct debit as it is a very simple and easy process. We also take payments through bank transfers and via phone. Although we accept cash payments, we discourage it due to saftey and security reasons.
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