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convenience for 
your restaurant 
from just $21/day

We bring you the best delivery solutions, so your restaurant can thrive. 

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Most restaurants spend thousands in deliveries. They often register with other delivery platforms with huge commissions. Our simple weekly flat rate will save you alot.

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Save Costs

Our process is very simple, you tell us your delivery requirements and we will provide with an all-round delivery service. For your convenience, we can visit you to get it all sorted. You don't have to come to us.

Quick & Easy Process

When restaurants use their own vehicles for deliveries, they have to keep track of multiple expenses in order to use it for business expense deduction. With skootify you only get one invoice. 

Straight-forward tax deduction

Most restaurants who maintain their own vehicles for deliveries risk stoppage to their delivery services due to breakdowns etc. With skootify you don't have to worry. 

Don't Stop Deliveries

Most restaurants won't have the time or capacity to maintain their delivery vehicles. At skootify we provide with you high quality, fully equipped vehicles and we take care of its servicing and maintenance at no additional cost.

Maintenance Covered

Scooters are agile and can make your deliveries faster, hence saving you more time and making you more efficient. Plus it is easy to park and you can avoid worrying about parking tickets or the hassle of finding a parking spot.

Dodge the Traffic
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