Sc     ter Rental in Melbourne


Rent a Scooter from $70/week
Easy to Park. Cheap to Run. Fun to Ride. 

Rental Scooter

   Suzuki UK Address 110

It has the best fuel efficiency. It offers great millage & drives nearly 180 KMs for just $6 fuel. Makes it cheaper than other modes of transport and even public transport. Use for personal commute or deliveries to save more. 

         Piaggio Fly 150

It is designed to offer you comfort and style. It is powerful and also saves you money on fuel. It has generous under-seat storage. If you want a convenient, affordable and reliable mode of transport ok then don't look further. 

What does the Rent Include?

Our Rentals include Registration, CTP Insurance, Regular & Timely Maintenance, Damages Insurance, Roadside Assistance, Helmet, Phone Holder, 24/7 Emergency Support and Many more. Long-Term & Short-Term Rentals Available.

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